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Ivory's Rock has been designed to host and facilitate large outdoor conventions and events, conferences and ancillary activities. It also offers suitable venues for trainings, weddings, receptions and local events.

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The Pavilion

This is a large 'alfresco' outdoor plaza, a meeting area for socialising and suitable for high volume hospitality and retail sales. Covered by a unique domed roof, it can be serviced by any or all of the 29 purpose built shops surrounding the inner dome. These are suitable for food and beverage operations, retail and concession sales, information booths and special purposes.

The stores are capable of servicing up to 2000 people per hour. The facility can hold upwards of 3000 plus guests.

The Amphitheatre

Located in the natural curve of a hill, with magnificent views of Ivory's Rock, this venue is one of the largest and best appointed outdoor, open air amphitheatres privately owned in Australia. It features sandstone tiers and a full shade canopy enabling the comfortable staging of both day and evening events. A modern and fully equipped soundstage addresses all your production needs, whether you're staging musical events, outdoor film or theatre events, opera or public speakers.

The venue is serviced with modern, clean bathrooms / toilets and is suitable for the provision of catering for events.

The Conference Centre

A self-contained, modern, comfortable building, the Conference Centre was designed and built for the purpose of staging conferences, trainings, large meetings, product launches and related activities. The venue holds 360 people seated theatre style. It can be quickly converted to provide dining facilities or be set up for musical events, awards nights or speaker functions. With a minimum of noise and distraction, the conference centre provides a focused and well serviced environment for your next function, event or activity.

Casuarina Function Centre and Restaurant

Casuarina Function Centre and Restaurant provides the type of venue whereby high quality Luncheons or Gala dinners can be combined with convention or conference activities held during the day.

The restaurant can provide excellent, high quality menus via its modern, well-appointed commercial kitchen. It boasts a fully stocked bar with adjoining lounge area for evening drinks or preliminary drinks to luncheon or dinner events.

The conference room can hold upwards of 120 people in style and comfort, it is fully air conditioned with modern fittings and break out rooms are available.

The Environment

Ivory's Rock holds multiple awards for Environmental Care and is a long-time member of Land for Wildlife. Over 164 separate species of birds, animals and reptiles have been identified as being resident on the property. The venue presents a parkland vista that merges with existing bush, providing many opportunities for exploration and bushwalking.


Ivory's Rock offers a range of accommodation options. Well-equipped and serviced campgrounds surround the event areas and facilities. The campgrounds offer modern shower blocks, toilets and laundry facilities.

Safari-style tent accommodation and camping is available for up to 3000 people as well as suitable facilities for situating motorhomes and caravans.

The Ironbark Village area offers a secluded bush setting for overnight and weekend visits, with a range of accommodation options.

The Jacaranda Café / Dining Room and Campground Area

Located in the northern corner of the property, Jacaranda is a large Café / Dining Room that can also double as a meeting room. It has excellent camping facilities including a well-appointed Shower and Bathroom block.